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Our Process

We will add a custom designed lighting plan specific to your property’s environment that will add artistic flare of lighting dimension to your outdoor living space in the evening. 


We will calculate your electrical requirements for efficient use of your electric consumption and your budget.


We then design a unique lighting package with the appropriate sized transformer and wiring. Through the use of LED Lighting Technology, our outdoor lighting systems are designed to increase your property value.


Low-Voltage Lighting

Accenting the front of your home creates a warm and inviting feeling when coming home after a long day of work, late soccer practices, or an enjoyable dinner with the ones you love.

A reliable low voltage lighting system eliminates the need to ask yourself, “Did we leave a light on?”

Transform the look of your house in the evening. An outdoor lighting system by Evening Shadows Lighting will enhance the beauty and value of your property, as well as its safety and security.


Design and Installation

Our Expertise in Home Illumination and Artistic Design will create dramatic curb appeal and a picturesque atmosphere for personal use and entertaining.

It will give your home a warm, welcoming ambiance and draw attention to the unique architectural details and construction materials of your home.


At the same time, the design we create specifically for your home will discourage anyone unwelcome on your property by eliminating dark hiding places.

Christmas Trees

Holiday Lighting

Hang up the Stockings, Wrap the Gifts, Send Out the Holiday Cards. . . . But leave your Holiday Lighting to us!

Evening Shadows will customize your holiday lighting  to make your experience colorful, warm and elegant.
Using the latest in LED technology, your holiday lights and colorful lawn ornaments will stand up to the cold winter weeks through-out the holiday season for years to come.

We install, remove and store all of your holiday lighting accessories.

Imagine no more hassling with tangled light strands, burned out bulbs, and weekends spent on ladders in bitter cold conditions.



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