Outdoor Living Lighting

lighting patio with fireplace

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Room in the evening using low voltage lighting techniques from Evening Shadows Lighting

Exterior Home Lighting

An Outdoor Living Lighting investment will Beautify and Add Value to  your property. Evening Shadows Lighting will create a charming setting for your home by illuminating the best features of your property, and at the same time increasing the safety and security of your home.

Beautiful landscape lighting will extend the usability of your outdoor living space well into the evening hours and offer  year-round, visual appeal of the outdoors .

Navigate your outdoor environment safely by illuminating pathways throughout your landscape.

winter pathway lightingLet Evening Shadows show you the way to safely get you where your destination. Safely find your way from the street or driveway to your front door. Accent that new patio paver walkway which winds you through your backyard paradise. Safely travel varying elevations from one outdoor living space to another. Gently highlight your garden area which comes to life once the sun goes down.

Pathway Lighting comes in all different shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and finishes. Evening Shadows will help you decide which specific path lights are best for your specific application. With many brands and styles to choose from, we can design and install a quality lighting system for any environment. We listen to your needs and design a personalized lighting plan. Evening Shadows will lead you down the right path!

Your deck or patio is  your Outdoor Living Room.

We can transform your daytime outdoor living space  into a warm night time living area.

Low voltage landscape Deck Lighting is a great way to add soft and subtle lighting to any deck area, small or large. Some basic and popular applications are to install lighting on top of the posts, on the side of the posts, or under the handrail and stair treads. Whether using lighting for safety purposes or for creating that memorable deck experience, lighting should be considered at the initial design phase of the deck design.

Evening Shadows can custom design a lighting plan and work with your contractor to ensure wiring and fixtures are installed as your deck is being built.

Already have a deck? Not to worry. Our experience allows us to install outdoor lighting on an existing deck as well. We may have to be a bit more creative in our approach in hiding wires, however, you will still be able to enjoy that perfect setting as you enjoy the fresh evening air.

Beautify your outdoor kitchen investment with finishing touches of light.

Outdoor kitchen lighting and pool

Bring attention to the detail and design of your kitchen or outdoor entertaining area with low voltage lighting. With a large choice of options, Evening Shadows can help illuminate your outdoor addition with different lighting applications.
By the proper use of light, and experience Evening Shadows can:

  • Accent appliances with an elegant yet functional light
  • Hang low voltage fixtures above the bar or sitting area.
  • Add functional lighting for clean up or safety
  • Have dimming capability to set any mood or backyard scene
  • Create an ambiance for one or for all

Pool lighting sets the right mood for evening parties and midnight swims.

Lighting of your pool and surrounding area will provide the necessary safety for your family and guests.

Enhance the unique features of your waterfall and pond investment. Enjoy more than just the sound of water in your pond at night, light it and see it as well.

landscape lightingwater fall

Ponds and water features have become a great way to add tranquility and serenity into any backyard setting.

What better way to alleviate the stresses of life but to sit beside a slow moving and winding water fall which opens into a still yet lively pond of fish and plants. Why lose these benefits as dusk set in?

Allow Evening Shadows to cast splashes of light on a beautiful running stream, pond, or waterfall.

With LED pond lighting, we can use lighting inside the pond as well as outside of the pond. With LED sealed lighting fixtures, there are no more aggravating bulbs to change. Aquatic plants and fish are illuminated so you get to enjoy your pond every day and as well as every evening.

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