Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Evening Shadows offers full design and installation of Outdoor Lighting Systems

general house lighting by evening shadows lighting

Low voltage lighting is a perfect means of displaying the beauty of your home or business and all of its natural surroundings.

A custom designed lighting plan specific to your property’s environment that will add artistic flare of lighting dimension to your outdoor living space in the evening.

stucco house with lightingBeing experienced, we know how to calculate your electrical requirements for efficient use of your electric consumption and your budget.

We then design a unique lighting package with the appropriate sized transformer and wiring. Through the use of LED Lighting Technology, your outdoor lighting systems are designed to increase your property value.

Want to know more about the technology we use?

With properly designed and installed outdoor lighting, safety and security are increased as well as peace of mind.

Your guests, clients and family can now safely navigate the lit pathways to their destination be it your home, place of business or outdoor living area.

Unwanted or uninvited people or even animals tend to use dark places to investigate your home and property.  The use of outdoor lighting has been found to be a major deterrent those intended harm. A well lit home or facility is also a safer environment.

Time to upgrade your existing outdoor lighting system?  Looking to expand your current system?

Evening Shadows can troubleshoot existing lighting installations and make design change suggestions to better meet your objectives. We can also expand to an area around the home or facility which may be in need of some additional ambiance or to address safety concerns.

No matter what your needs, Evening Shadows will help you, call us today for an on-site consultation 717-533–0606