Landscape Lighting Options

Landscape Lights come in all different styles, shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes.

The two most common used fixtures are Path Lights and Accent Lights.

Pathway Landscape Lights are used to illuminate a walkway, pathway, or landscape area.

They come in varying heights and can be used in a wide array of applications.

Outdoor Accent lights are commonly used to highlight a specific object such as a tree, sculpture, or object.

They can also  be used as a means of accenting the home or grazing light up the side of a building, home, or facade.

“Under the cap” lights have become very popular for use in paver block walls. These lights are installed directly under the top cap of a masonry retaining wall.

There is a fixture for almost every application imaginable. Evening Shadows will assist you in making the best possible choices for “YOUR” own, unique, lighting experience. Every evening should be the evening to remember.