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Evening Shadows is your experienced source for the design and installation of outdoor low voltage lighting systems. We are experienced in both residential and commercial applications.

Low voltage lighting is our specialty. We take pleasure in designing an outdoor lighting plan that meets your objectives and fits unobtrusively in your environment. We are also known to take that special step to add an artistic flare of lighting and shadows to your outdoor space. In order to improve the efficiency of your design we calculate your electrical requirements and transformer size.

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A well lit home or business is also a safer environment, deterring unwanted visitors.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Services – Commercial & Residential

Low Voltage Lighting to Highlight Tree

Illumination of Landscape Features

  • Bring out the vibrant colors of your home or business
  • Enjoy your landscape into the night
  • Let your low voltage outdoor lighting system do all of this more efficiently
  • Showcase your outdoor living area by casting creative shadows and splashes of light
  • Evening Shadows treats your outdoor area like an artistic canvas adding finishing touches of light for evening enjoyment
  • Low voltage lighting yields a great return on investment by increasing property values
  • Let us know your objectives—safety, beauty, or both—and we will design and implement a plan with artistic flare just for you
  • We also monetize your low voltage outdoor lighting plan to save you money by calculating your electrical requirements and appropriate transformer and wiring requirements
  • Once you have your lighting installed and optimized you can feel secure about visitors walking around the premises in the evening
  • Security is increased because of the lighting deterring uninvited visitors who normally hide under cover of darkness

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